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Take a note from me, and observe how I didn't downvote you despite disagreement. He's mentioned being religious a few times before. I've never heard him preach and I watch a lot. I think he mentioned he's religious, but I think he doesn't swear because he's just a nice wholesome person in general, religion or not..

Feb 25, 2024 ... ... kitboga Huge thanks to Neal for helping me ... Comments1.3K. TheSheiban. I love that you don't break out of character when they call you out by ...Kitboga reveal his eyes.

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From what I see Kitboga & Scammer Payback is not doing the same thing. Kit is keeping scammer on the phone long periods of time so that their time is wasted. Scam Payback is deleting the scammer's files. I find kit very poor He skits and laughs all the way through Doesn't explain things as well as pierogi either.The Real Housewives of Atlanta; The Bachelor; Sister Wives; 90 Day Fiance; Wife Swap; ... Kitboga - FOR REAL EYES (Not click-bait this time) Open. Archived post. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. ... ha like in the end of malcom in the middle where the blip out his last name.. I didnt even realize I didnt ...My team and I designed an impossible maze that traps scammers for days on end. They waste their own time while I sleep! Epic Kraken Partnership: https://kra...

He IS scamming the scammers out of their time. 3 years ago. Anonymous. t. pajeet. 3 years ago. Anonymous. >riles up the caller by talking over them, ignoring them or doing the exact opposite of what they tell him to do. >caller inevitably loses his mind. >wears a smug look like he's doing a big good.Improv artist who calls scammers and likes to explore the internet. Laughter is the best medicine.Kitboga. Kitboga, the moniker of an American Twitch streamer, had a personal encounter with the issue in 2017 when various scammers took advantage of his elderly grandmother.Sadly, she suffered from dementia, which caused her to fall prey to the tactics scammers often use to swindle money. As a form of payback, Kitboga began to … Watch Kitboga prank the angriest scammer he ever called, who goes by the name Steve and tries to steal his money. A lot of them get really upset when Kitboga repeatedly hangs up the call. Most of them lose it when Kitboga pretends to redeem gift cards instead of sending the card codes to the scammer. Blatant Lies: Many of them claim to be things they are decidedly not. With being C.I.A agents, Microsoft tech support and Internal Revenue Service employees ...

Please read the sidebar below for our rules. Kitboga Trapped 200 Scammers in an Impossible Maze. The videos are usually pretty fun for wasting scammers time, but knowing that scammers told their actual victims to call in and kit could warn them what was happening and get them help is just awesome.This scammer got called out by his own real name! He freaked out to his scam colleagues after hearing his name and seeing his own picture as the background o... ….

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YouTube star Kitboga has turned scam baiting into performance art, delighting his 3.3 million followers with his many characters and laughs at the expense of online criminals. It started out as pure curiosity, and a way to avenge his grandparents who'd been victims of scams, but along the way, he's helped return money and hijacked …Jul 22, 2022 · When Scammers Pretend To Be Doctors Part 1 - Ep 2April 02, 2022. Scammers Expected $5,000 But Grandma Buys A Scooter - Ep 1March 21, 2022. I'm Kitboga, a voice actor who likes to keep scammers distracted for hours using hilarious improv comedy situations. The scammers have no idea it's fake, and that's 1/2 the fun! Jul 25, 2023 · Due to the nature of Kitboga’s work, he keeps his personal life extremely private and has not revealed any details, including his real name, birthday, or relationship status.

I agree with the posts saying to make the bank something extremely generic. Cascade community bank, First Financial, Bank of Liberty, Union Trust and Bank, Digital Banking Solutions, Jen & Eric Community Bank. City Bank is a real bank though. I wonder how many scammers would fall for a bank simply titled “Bank”.Kitboga. Angry scammer cries. A year after his first scam attempt, we caught him. 30:03 min. Kitboga. Scammers wanted $400k. Kit & Kraken shut down their empire instead. 24:17 min. Kitboga "Kraken: The Gods of Security" ~ Kit telling chat. Sign up with Kraken. Offense is the best defense.

plaguebreak eso Everyday there are scammers taking advantage of people. I call them to waste their time, walk people through their "script" and lies, report info when I can, and otherwise make light of a dark ... honda dealership visalialibra woman and scorpio man sexually A group of scammers thought they could steal $344,045 worth of bitcoin from me... But I partnered with Kraken Digital Asset Exchange to make things incredibly difficult for them. 😉 #kraken #krakenpartner #scambaiter #scambait #scam #scamcalls #kitboga #kitbogashow Kitboga is actually a software developer/engineer who quit his job to do this scambaiting full time since he got so popular doing it! He codes a bunch of stuff for the stream on stream and then puts it to use. This is just one of the things, other things include a fake bank account page, fake camera, etc. gusher mint strain If you're online a lot, you use domain name servers hundreds of times a day — and you may not even know it! Find out how this global, usually invisible system helps get Web pages t... the kandahar giantsteve's c townchristian county collector missouri If you haven't done it yet, modifying/recreating "syskey.exe" with some interesting results could either (1) blow your cover (not ideal, as you want them on the line for as long as possible), or (2) be good for some laughs. Thanks again from Canada for your hilarious & ethical approach to scambaiting! 3.The back accounts in her name are likely being used as money mules to get money out of other victims. Maybe the FBI can help with shutting down the other bank accounts. Hopefully they have a team that is trying to reduce internet scamming. And a social worker. She needs a social worker. ... Thank you for caring, Kitboga. encanto lofts May 22, 2018 · In March this year, the FBI's Internet Crime Center (IC3) said that in 2017 it received around 11,000 complaints related to tech support fraud. U.S. losses totaled nearly $15 million, it revealed ... Kit didn't invent the name, there are over 3000 people who have that name in the US. Although I admit it's just perfect for the character. Nevaeh was originally used by a Christian rock star, it's "heaven" spelled backwards and people just fell in love with it. It's a pretty name, although the concept of something spelled backwards is a bit weird. can you use 91 isopropyl alcohol to clean electronicspeaks motorsjamaican lottery In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for businesses and individuals alike. One of the first steps towards establishing an online identity is registeri...